Casting Calls

Project: Karmatic

Project Type: Comedy (Short – Non-Union)

Director: Jon Ray

Casting Director: Darrah Valentine

Log line: A comedy about a troubled man who comes up with a clever way to manage his anger.

Film Dates: 3/1/2014 ~ 3/2/2014 (Tentatively)

Location: Los Angeles, CA area


ROBERT (Male – 30s – 40s) LEAD: Is an officer manager under high pressure to retain high wealthy clients. He has issues when dealing with pressure, people, and his temper. $100

DANNY (Male – 30s – 40s) SUPPORTING: A brash arrogant and stubborn blue-collared worker who puts pride before smarts. $60

JACK (Male – 20s – 30s) SUPPORTING: An arrogant yuppie who thinks he is better than everyone else, but has a short fuse. Well dressed and spoken. $40

SECRETARY (Female – 20s) SUPPORTING: Works for Robert, has short line of dialog. $20

Background (non-paid)
Police Officers (Male or Female 20s – 40s): 4 background actors

  • Description: One of four arresting officers for the final scene.
  • Wardrobe: Police Officer uniform and utility belt.

News Crew (Male 20s – 30s): 2 background actors

  • Description: One of two News Crew members. Someone to hold a news camera and another person to do sound. Will work with News Reporter to bring story in the final scene.
  • Wardrobe: In the field news journalist type clothing. Cargo shorts/pants, t-shirt, ball cap. If you have a camera that looks News camera worthy, you will get priority for this role. Camera does not need to function and will only be used as a prop camera.

News Reporter (Female 20s – 30s): 1 background actor

  • Description: Channel 7 News Reporter who will work with the two News Crew members to cover a story in the final scene.
  • Wardrobe: Business suit and skirt or pants. On-Camera field journalist type clothes.

Parked Car Driver (Any 20s – 80s): 1 background actor with car

  • Description: Will need to provide their own vehicle for the shoot. Will just be backing out of a parking spot and leaving. Character never leaves their car. Will be a quick shoot for this part. Should not exceed 2-3 hours at the most.
  • Wardrobe: Non-descript casual clothes. Will likely have a brief fact-time shot where clothing could be seen.

To apply for for one of these roles or background please send emails to In the SUBJECT LINE enter Karmatic: Role or BACKGROUND – Role.

Roles: Please submit role you’re interested in, head shot, resume and link to your actor reel (if you have one, not required).
Background: Please submit background role you’re going for, head shot or pic of you, and confirmation that you have the wardrobe and/or items requested in the character descriptions.

All principle roles have been auditioned for, listing cast members below as they are confirmed:

Robert – Andy Goldberg
Danny – Armen Babasoloukian
Jack -
Secretary –

Additional Notes: Credit, Meal, IMDb credit

Project: Door of Fear

Project Type: Horror (Short)

Log line: A girl’s life is threatened when her cursed past comes knocking on her bedroom closet door.

Film Dates: 4/5/2013 ~ 4/7/2013

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

This film can been cast and completed.

Project: Ring of Time

Project Type: Sci-Fi

Log line: A young orphan boy goes on a time-traveling adventure to right a wrong.

Film Dates: 2/16/2013

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

This film can been cast and completed.

Project: Second Chances

Project Type: Short Urban Fantasy

Log line: An elderly lady gets the chance of a lifetime, only to learn that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Film Dates: 1/21/2013 ~ 1/25/2013

Location: Phoenix, Arizona (Metro Valley area)

This film can been cast and completed.